POLIMP - 1st POLIMP Stakeholder Workshop, Brussels, Belgium

1st POLIMP Stakeholder Workshop, Brussels, Belgium

Exploring Technology Options for the EU Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy:

The Role of Public Acceptance to Enhance Predictability of Low Carbon Technology Investments


25 April 2014, 10:30 – 16:30, Brussels, Belgium

Venue: Centre for European Policy Studies

Place du Congrès 1, Brussels 1000

Event Dates: 25 April 2014

Scope and Objective

The 1st POLIMP Stakeholder Workshop has been successfully implemented on the 25th of April 2014, in Brussels, Belgium. The Workshop focused on the potential for the EU to achieve a long-term transition with aid of low-carbon technologies, (eg. renewable energy, Carbon Capture and Storage). In particular, the 1st POLIMP Workshop aimed to:

  • Assess these technology options in relation to their public acceptance at EU, member states and local levels;
  • Explore the role of public acceptance in enhancing the predictability of low-carbon technology investments towards 2030.