POLIMP - POLIMP Side Event at the COP 21, Paris, France

POLIMP Side Event at the COP 21, Paris, France

Harmonising Intended Nationally Determined Contributions with National Development Planning

1 December 2015, 12:15 - 13:00, Paris, France

 Venue: Room Luxembourg

Event Dates: 01 December 2015

Scope and Objective

In advance of COP21, more than 170 countries have so far pledged to implement national climate actions, INDCs. While the Paris negotiations will decide the future framework for these INDCs, this event wants to look at means of supporting implementation of national contributions that already exist and could be strengthened. Specifically, the discussion focused on technology needs assessments (TNAs) and current climate finance flows.

The discussion was organised within the work done by the EU funded research project POLIMP, which aims to make information on climate policy choices and their implications at EU and UN level accessible to decision makers.


The discussion was moderated by Andrzej Blachowicz, Managing Director, Climate Strategies and had the following structure:

• Welcome and introduction of EC POLIMP and the event, by Andrzej Blachowicz

• Financial  support for INDC implementation - insights from the current global landscape of Climate Finance, by Barbara Buchner

• European support for INDC implementation: the role of research, by Peter Horvath, tbc

• The role of Technical Needs Assessments for the implementation of INDCs, by Vladimir Hecl

• Question round


• Vladimir Hecl (UNFCCC)

• Barbara Buchner, Senior Director, Climate Policy Initiative (CPI)

• Peter Horvath, Policy Officer, DG Research & Innovation, European Commission, tbc