POLIMP - Survey Series

Survey Series

Survey Series

The POLIMP Expert Response Survey Series engages a targeted group of stakeholders and experts on matters relating to EU and international climate and energy policy. It consists of six “snap” surveys distributed over the span of a year to an Expert Response Group pre-selected by the POLIMP project consortium. Each survey and report is organized into three parts: 

1. EU Climate ‘Barometer’ – three recurring questions on a general assessment of the status quo,
2. Main Topic – thematic questions linked to the topic of a corresponding Webinar ,
3. “Buzz of the Week” – question(s) on a relevant climate policy topic currently in the news

The Expert Response Group is composed of 43 stakeholders, policy-makers, industry representatives and researchers active in the fields of climate and energy policy. Each expert was handpicked and invited to participate by the POLIMP partners for their expertise, engagement with topics relevant to the project and tenure in the field. See below for a snapshot of some of our experts.

Dr. George Ageridis, Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES)
Ada Ámon, Energia Klub
Lavinia Andrei, Terra Mileniul III
James Atkins,
Vertis Environmental Finance
Richard Baron, OECD Roundtable on Sustainable Development
Dr. Regina Betz, Zurich University of Applied Sciences
Matthias Buck, European Commission, DG Energy
Sonja Butzengeiger, Perspectives
Dr. Nick Campbell, Arkema SA
Germana Canzi, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP)
Sarah Deblock, IETA
Paul Drummond, UCL ISR
Folker Franz, ABB
Jonathan Gaventa, E3G
Benjamin Görlach, Ecologic Institute
Dr. (h.c) Bill Hare, Climate Analytics
Dr. Joachim Hein, BDI
Anja Kollmuss, Climate Action Network, Europe (CAN Europe)
Sanjeev Kumar, Change Partnership
Dr. Nuno Lacasta, Portuguese Environment Agency
Szymon Liszka, Polish Foundation for Energy Efficiency
Julia Michalak, demosEUROPA
Dr. Sebastian Oberthür, IES
Miroslaw Sobolewski, Bureau of Research, Polish Parliament
Wendel Trio, Climate Action Network, Europe (CAN Europe)
Benedikt von Butler, Mercuria