POLIMP - Survey No. 2. EU ETS Revision – making it fit for 2030

Survey No. 2. EU ETS Revision – making it fit for 2030

17 September 2015, Categories Survey Series


Survey No. 2 entitled 'EU ETS Revision - Making it fit for 2030' asked the ERG to comment on the recent legislative proposal for a revision of the EU emissions trading system (EU-ETS) adopted by the European Commission and what impact the reforms could have on the EU meeting it’s 2030 Climate and Energy targets.



Key insights include:

Outlook more negative: compared to July, experts consulted in September show a more pessimistic view on reaching the two degree goal and lower confidence in the EU making its long-term targets. Impact on the economy is seen more favourably. These variations to the first survey will reveal their true validity only over time.

ETS important: Experts generally agreed that the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) is key to achieving EU emission targets and that a revised ETS would avoid negative competitive effects on industry.

Different opinions: experts are split in their assessments on key questions of the Commission’s proposal, such as the surplus management and the role of auctioning.

Non-governmental critique: respondents from the Business and NGO sectors were slightly less satisfied with the EU ETS revision proposal than those from Government and the Research community.

Migration: on the back of the current developments concerning refugees coming to Europe, experts expect the link between climate change and migration to become a topic for debate in the coming months.

For a synopsis of survey results please download the full report.