POLIMP - Survey No. 4. “Climate Finance – Implications for Paris”

Survey No. 4. “Climate Finance – Implications for Paris”

10 December 2015, Categories Survey Series


Survey No. 4 entitled, “Climate Finance – Implications for Paris”, asked the ERG to assess the state of play of climate finance in the lead up to COP21 in Paris. Experts were asked to comment on the political discussion surrounding the issue particularly in regards to differentiation between countries, taking recent reports on the current international landscape of climate finance into account.  


Key insights include:

• Outlook:  EU optimism up, confidence in global community down. Compared to the previous month’s results, expert responses suggest a slightly more pessimistic outlook on international progress and the economic impact of EU policy. Confidence in long-term EU policy rose slightly.

• Climate finance is key: Experts agree that climate finance is of utmost political importance for COP21 but think that a prescribed mitigation/adaptation split is not necessary.

• Global developments: Experts acknowledge that circumstances are different today than in 1992 and correspondingly that developing countries should be required to provide funding to fight climate change. Nevertheless, experts think that industrialized countries should continue to take the lead on finance.

• Paris attacks: The attacks and heightened security were not seen as cause to doubt success at COP21

For a synopsis of survey results please download the full report.