POLIMP - Survey No. 6. “Outlook on Renewable Energy Support Policies in the EU”

Survey No. 6. “Outlook on Renewable Energy Support Policies in the EU”

03 March 2016, Categories Survey Series

Survey No. 6 entitled, “Outlook on Renewable Energy Support Policies in the EU,” had members of the ERG comment on the current state and future development of renewable energy support policies in the EU. In particular, experts were asked about the need for dedicated support instruments and whether the replacement of the feed-in tariff by other instrument types is a positive or negative trend. Experts also identified possible explanations for the sharp decrease in renewable energy investments over the last five years and for the stark differences between EU Member States when it comes to renewable energy deployment.


Key insights include:


·         Post-Paris boom already over? The boost in optimism following the Paris Agreement may be dwindling; all three ‘barometer’ indices are down.

·         RES policy uncertainty: Experts blamed the rollback of dedicated support policies for decreasing renewable investment in the past five years.

·         Utilities as obstacles: The strength of incumbent actors in the energy sector was considered the main reason for differences between EU Member States in regards to renewable energy deployment.

·         Harmonisation of support instruments: Experts were split about the desirability of harmonisation in the short term but seemed to agree with the need for long-term harmonisation. Possible motivations for harmonisation on the part of the Commission include safeguarding the internal market and making renewable support more cost-effective.



For a synopsis of survey results please download the full report.